Things We Saw Today: Nathan Fillion, Looking Kinda Like Patrick Warburton

Things We Saw Today
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Well, hello there. (At Fashionably Geek)

Since we refuse to post the video, here is exactly how much we’ll mention “Friday” today. And no, we’re not linking to it either. (By Caley Ratcliffe, via The Daily What)

This is a Screwnicorn. Gee, I hope it’s not the last Screwnicorn … (At That’s Nerdalicious)

It’s official! AP Style has changed the proper way to spell “email.” It’s “email.” (Without the hyphen.) (Via Twitter)

I’m sorry, did you have a better alternate title for The Fountainhead? (At Better Book Titles)

This pony is not here to make friends. She is here to defend honor. (At Popped Culture)

And we leave you with Star Wars puppies. (At Bit Rebels)

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