Things We Saw Today: My Little Ood

Things We Saw Today

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I’m speechless. Impressed, for sure, but speechless. It’s a My Little Pony Ood. It’s an Ood Little Pony. My Little Ood. If you have nightmares, they come courtesy of EatToast on DeviantART, who also made Cyberponies and Silence Ponies. (via TrendHunter)

She is definitely picturing herself gliding through Gotham, and that makes her way more fun than we could ever hope to be. (at Superheroes Are For Girls, Too)

  • Bleeding Cool wants your help in finding, identifying a Belgian couple who were caught on camera stealing first print graphic novels of Tintin, one of them being Tintin au Congo. Jerks.
  • You should definitely read this interview at MTV Geek with a very down-to-earth real-life superhero who calls herself Danger Woman (aka Betsy Goodrich). Her mission: defeating “tri-phobes”: “homophobia, race-aphobia and disable-phobia.”

    The Fisher Price Little People line has Catwoman prowling store shelves right now! (at DC Women Kicking Ass)

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