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Things We Saw Today: Meowtron

Things We Saw Today

And there’s your Voltron-Made-Out-of-Cats that you’ve always wanted! (That’s so meow-ta.) (At Neatorama)

A very Happy (Belated) Birthday to two of our favorite people, Wil Wheaton and Gail Simone! They share a birthday, which was yesterday! You can still wish them many happy returns on Twitter at @wilw and @GailSimone.

Jenn at Girlslovesuperheroes has this super sweet account of her SDCC experiences with kids:

One of my favourite moments was when a girl proudly informed me that Martian Manhunter was her favourite superhero. Of all characters, Martian Manhunter, this great hulking green guy with a funny outfit, was beloved by a tiny little girl. She and her sisters bickered over who was the best in the Justice League right in front of us. I loved it.

She also gets very excellent dating advice from the kids, like “don’t see bad boys. Bad boys aren’t good.” Indeed, little fangirl. Indeed.

ToadstoolHut on Etsy has these sweet little Pokémon Game Boy cartridge pins in red, yellow, and blue. (via So Geek Chic)

Lindsay Boo Barrasse made this Princess Leia costume out of duct tape. Visit Neatorama to see how she made it.

Evan Cheng draws in the style of Muppets and Sesame Street, and that means he gets to turn any character he wants into a Muppet or vice versa. Here are some Muppet-style superheroes. (At Tough Pigs)

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