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Things We Saw Today: Little Gothams Annual

Things We Saw Today

Based on the Little Gothams Annual story in last year’s Batman Annual, by DeviantARTist duss005.

Things you may have guessed but will now officially know thanks to Pottermore: Professor McGonagall is a feminist:

Known to successive generations of students as ‘Professor McGonagall,’ Minerva – always something of a feminist – announced that she would be keeping her own name upon marriage. Traditionalists sniffed – why was Minerva refusing to accept a pure-blood name, and keeping that of her Muggle father?

(via Adventures of Comic Book Girl)

This awesome shirt exists. (at Chocolate & Cream Cake)

Reasons to reconsider your feelings towards Darth Vader: His AT-AT ice cream truck. (at Stamos)

Closer look:

Batgirl (Steph) and Supergirl have teamed up in this comic by Fellini Studios. (at DC Women Kicking Ass)

Oh, Bane. Such a joker. See what I did there? (at This Is So Babies)

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