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Things We Saw Today: The League of Extraordinary Funny People

Things We Saw Today

TV is coming back soon, but 30 Rock won’t be returning until 2012 to accommodate Tina Fey‘s new baby. In the meantime, we can look forward to a fancy lady-oriented Thursday night lineup on NBC and check out this League of Extraordinary Gentlemen mashup by illustrator Alex Ross. (via Popped Culture)

  • Have we all heard about It’s being described as a “Netflix-style” social network that lets users recommend books to each other, like a virtual book club. Get on that, fellow bookworms! (via Geek Sugar)
  • Geordie Tate of Star City Games has a few things to say to his future daughter about the gendered insulting that takes place on the Internet and in the gaming/tech industries.
  • We at The Mary Sue are fans of awesome fan tattoos, like this Star Wars totem pole piece. (via Fashionably Geek)

    We had a full moon this week. Supposedly it affects the tides, and therefore the over 60 percent of the human body that is water. But maybe it just makes you want to eat cookies. (via EPIC Ponyz)

    Ever wonder if people in the geek world geek out over other people in the geek world? Witness Marvel writer Dan Slott (Spider-Man, She-Hulk, and many, many others) just gushing, adorably, over singer/songwriter Jonathan Coulton. (via Marvel on YouTube)

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