Things We Saw Today: A Kitten Wearing Denim

Things We Saw Today
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We don’t generally follow the whole “Caturday” thing. Unless there’s a baby cat wearing studded denim like a badass. Like this one. Who will bring the beer to the BBQ. (At Diary of a Death Starlette)

Can you imagine the Haunted Mansion at Disney World as a psychedelic graveyard hallucination? Neither can we, except that it almost happened. But some of the pieces in the attraction are still based on the 1946 French surrealist film, La belle et la bête, which is weird/awesome enough by itself. (At Long Forgotten via Boing Boing)

Looking for noms? Consider choosing these Pokémon cookies. (At Global Geek News)

The eternal conflict involved in being a dinosaur superhero. (At The Uniblog)

And, oh, whoops — they are almost the same movie: Harry Potter vs. Star Wars. Click to embiggen. (At Ufunk)

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