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Things We Saw Today: Kandor in a Bottle

Things We Saw Today

Artist Mike Kelley has created his interpretation of Kandor, the lost city of Krypton that was stolen by Brainiac and shrunken down, stored in a bottle, then recovered by Superman. The effort has taken Kelley 10 years. Read the whole story at Comics Beat.

In addition to “LOL,” “OMG,” and “<3” joining the Oxford English Dictionary, “hentai” is in there too: “a subgenre of the Japanese genres of manga and anime, characterized by overtly sexualized characters and sexually explicit images and plots.” So, it’s official. (At Comic Book Resources)

Etsy seller MafiosaGrrl has these super cute handmade felt arcade brooches. Also available as barrettes! (At Geek Sugar)

Well, hi there: This is Justin Bruening, who was just announced as Steve Trevor in the new Wonder Woman series. (At Spinoff Online)

Dr. Zoidberg — as an Android (the phone variety). (LOL Android via Buzzfeed)

The International Spy Museum features these real, Bond-like spy tools used by the CIA, like this lipstick gun. A lipstick gun! They’re real! (At Wired)

Mark Zuckerberg ain’t got nothin’ on Ada Lovelace. (At

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