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Things We Saw Today: That Emperor Was Such a Joker

Things We Saw Today

Wow. Now you can be twice as creeped out. Thank you, artist Joey Marsella. (via Popped Culture)

You can see more BatmanStar Wars mashups at Design You Trust, if this was not nearly enough for you, and it shouldn’t be.

I know there is a Rainbow Bridge in Thor, but all I can think about here is Anchorman: “Oh look! We’re on a glorious rainbow!” “Do me on it!” Though I’m certain that is not what they are talking about, if they are actually talking. (At I Heart Chaos)

Here is a hamster. A hamster on a swing. A tiny, hamster-sized swing. (At The Uniblog)

This is a super badass promo image for Green Lantern #1, which will mark the reunion of artists Doug Mahnke and Christian Alamy. (At The Source)

Steampunk Ash. Battling Deadites with whatever he can get his early 20th century hands — er, hand — on. Which leaves us wondering: what would his steampunk BOOMSTICK look like? (At Nerdcore via Neatorama)

BuzzFeed has a small collection of Victorian-era heroines, including “Lady” Zatanna. Maybe she knew Houdini!

And, in closing, Mario Kart cosplay. (At Fashionably Geek)

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