Things We Saw Today: We Can Do It, Jedi Style

Things We Saw Today

Propaganda for the Alliance never looked so kickass. (At Design You Trust)

This Gir (Invader Zim) cake was given a lobotomy later that night. A delicious lobotomy. (At Off the Wall Cooking)

Vader announces the killing of Obi-Wan Kenobi, went on to call the killing “most impressive” and will not release pictures of the body. Because it disappeared. (At The Galactic Empire Times)

Second to last Star Wars Thing We Saw: The Star Wars Fail Whale. (At Blastr)

Confused by Game of Thrones? Magdalena Maslowska has put together this intensive infographic explaining the stories and characters. (She also has one for the locations.) Click to enlarge. (At The High Definite)

And the last Star Wars Thing: A Star WarsMonsters Inc. mashup — Boo and Chew. (At Fashionably Geek)

Ever wonder what the real reason was behind those teenage pregnancy pacts? Like, maybe it was really a government operation to recruit young girls to repopulate society? Lela Moore discusses three new books about teenage girls subjected to Orwellian practices in dystopian societies at The New York Times’ Arts Beat.

The FBI’s Most Wanted List has existed since 1949 and has featured over 500 people. Eight of them were women, including the very first one Ruth Eisemann-Schier, the first of these women. In 1968, she and her boyfriend kidnapped a construction heiress and buried her alive for 80 hours for $500,000 ransom. Darling. The heiress survived, and Eisemann-Schier was caught 79 days after being put on the Most Wanted List (her boyfriend was caught long before that — amateur), spent four years in prison, and was then deported back to Honduras. Read about the other seven at Mental Floss.

Together at last: Dr. Seuss and Pokemon. (At Comics Alliance)

When you finish an exam early, the next natural thing to do with your #2 pencil is to set it down and wait patiently for your paper to be collected. Unless you’re more restless and feel like doodling a bunch of thumb-shaped DC and Marvel heroes. Yes, this girl is the coolest. And this was posted by her teacher, who gave the high school senior an A on her exam. (At Bleeding Cool)

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