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Things We Saw Today: IUD Glitter Earrings That Promote Contraception Access For Low-Income Women

Not everyone can afford access to contraception. It’s one of those horrible facts of the world and one of the major hurdles to health for both women and men. Now Colorado politicians have taken to wearing glittery IUD earrings to show their support of a bill that would fund “IUDs and other reversible contraceptives to women, [and which] is currently funded by a private grant that ends on June 30,” according to The Huffington Post. I want a pair of these earrings very badly. (FYI you can buy them on Etsy) (via BUST) (Image via SharelenCreations)

  • You should read this thing on how Noelle Stevenson and James Tynion IV’s Wonder Woman “sets a new standard for Wonder Woman stories.” (via Comics Alliance)
  • :( Hundreds of sea lion young’uns are washing up in California :( (via Gawker)
  • This is an interesting discussion of how actresses’ relationships with designers (AKA free gowns, etc) would have to change with #AskHerMore, and what what means for the “system” as it stands. But like, there’s gotta be a way to namedrop a designer without making the entire red carpet production about them, right? (via Hollywood Reporter)
  • That Rupert Grint fella is going places. (via Movies)

Here is an Ocarina Of Time dress for your dress needs, from ThinkGeek. (via Geekologie)

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