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Things We Saw Today: If Humans Had Sex Like Giraffes

Things We Saw Today

Roxy says “I actually left out the first step of giraffe courtship– the male smacks the female on the bottom to get her to urinate.” But she didn’t stop at giraffes. (io9)

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  • Kate Nepveu writes an open letter to Sci-fi and Fantasy authors, asking them to depict pregnancy in a less cliché manner, but it’s actually pretty useful stuff for any writer out there. And her suggestions sound like they’d make any story more interesting. Also, she suggests that birth in Star Trek be accomplished using teleportation, and it sounds so obvious now. (Tor Books)

Girls are Geeks reminds me that I have to get back into cross stitching, with their interview with the blogger behind Mr X Stitch.

Never gonna get tired of comic book characters supporting Occupy Wallstreet. Nope. (Overthinking It)

Zombie princesses: you’re parenting right. (Floorboards)

Here’s your obscure cosplay idea: the time Batman wore another costume over his Batman one because a guy made him terrified of bats. (Comics Alliance)

This lady’s Kickstarter project is awesome. (Kickstarter)

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