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Things We Saw Today: Idris Elba in Pacific Rim

Things We Saw Today


He’s done Thor and can be seen this weekend in Prometheus. Blastr has it right: Idris Elba has caught the sci-fi/fantasy bug, and we’re a-ok with that. Here he is, in the first look at Guillermo Del Toro‘s Pacific Rim, due in theaters next July.

Laura Hudson has left her position as Editor-in-Chief of ComicsAlliance. Read her farewell column there.

  • On a similar note, our very own Jill Pantozzi wrote her last column for Newsarama, Hey, That’s My Cape! Read it here, but don’t worry — there could be more in the future …
  • The Frisky is going to save all of our lives — with tampons. Yes! Tampons! We can do it!
  • Cartoonist Jen Sorensen has composed an open letter to the United States Supreme Court concerning her — and likely others’ — plight in searching for affordable healthcare as a freelancer. (via Kaiser Health News)
  • It has been pointed out to many that if you switch the new Twitter logo bird around and put a Batman cape on it … it looks like Batman! How about that! (via Mashable)

    Here is a thing that is supposed to help us pee standing up, ladies. It is called the GoGirl, and that is too close to Go-Gurt for me to put anywhere near my southmouth. (via Technabob)

    Kendra James discusses cosplay and race, and why sometimes, it’s just not an option to “default to white.” (via Racialicious)

    Kathy Ceceri discusses how awesome it is to watch your kids graduate from college, but also getting Bill Nye to be your kid’s commencement speaker. (via Wired)

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