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Things We Saw Today: How Twilight Saved Some

Things We Saw Today


At Geeks Are Sexy.

Don’t forget that you can view the “super moon” tonight! Flavorwire has the essential “super moon” reading list if you’re too afraid to leave the house.

Throwing at fellow organic life forms is not recommended due to the risk of paper cuts. (At Super Punch)

The Cheshire Cat disappears as the hands circle the clock. Sadly, it does not also speak poetic gibberish nonsense. (At Neatorama)

However, this cat is not going anywhere. (At Geeks Are Sexy)

If you thought that Reddit was for weirdos and Facebook was for nerds, you can double check on this infographic that broke down all social media by demographic. Click to embiggen. (At Bit Rebels)

I knew it. All along. (At Bits & Pieces)

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