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Things We Saw Today: Get Blitzed In a Cute Way With Hello Kitty Beer

Things We Saw Today

This new Hello Kitty line of booze, available only in China, has half the alcohol content of regular beer and comes in six fruit flavors, including passionfruit, lemon lime, and (urk) banana. (io9)

Art Baltazar‘s cover for Itty Bitty Hellboy #2 is downright adorable. Check out some interior pages at Buzz Comics.

  • Disney Research has created a new microphone that turns sound into a signal you can transmit by touching someone else’s ear. I can’t see any practical application for it, but hey, science! And if that’s not cool enough, inventor Ivan Poupyrev namedropped The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy when describing the device. Gizmodo has more.
  • Metro has a delightful interview with Natalie Dormer where she talks about being a giant Blade Runner fangirl who brought a vintage poster to the set of The Counselor so she could get Ridley Scott, who’s directing, to sign it.

My birthday’s in October. Somebody make me a Pacific Rim cake. I’ll even change my name to Martin if I need to. (by The Bunny Baker, via Neatorama)

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