Things We Saw Today: Harley Quinn Is Sad About Her Revamp Outfit

Things We Saw Today
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Dresden Codak artist Aaron Diaz gives us the spin-off saga to the DC revamp that has to exist: Tales of the Uncomfortable for ComicsAlliance. (via Aficionado of the Underrated and Unconventional)

  • The people voted and more than 55 percent of Mississippians voted down the state’s controversial “personhood” amendment, which would have recognized a woman’s fertilized egg as a person and, by that definition, would have outlawed several forms of birth control. (via io9)
  • Cue Shoe #2: Hours after the announcement that Brett Ratner quit as the producer of the Oscars, host Eddie Murphy has also stepped down. Maybe because people would keep bringing up this. Don Mischer, who was to be Ratner’s co-producer, now has about three months to throw together a new Oscar ceremony and find a new host. (via New York Times)

Okay, here is a list of what we’re looking at here: Stitch from Lilo and Stitch, Green Lantern, and Chernabog from “Night On Bald Mountain” from Fantasia. Except with guns. Someone commissioned this, and James Silvani made it. (via Did I Mention We’re Serving Cake?)

Alexa of Ladies Making Comics has an account of her experience meeting legendary ladies of the comics industry, Trina Robbins and Lily Renée. (via Ladies Making Comics)

  • Start paying extra attention to what Matt Smith wears on Doctor Who: On 11-11-11 (this Friday), we are being asked to observe “Eleventh Doctor Day” and dress like the Eleventh Doctor. Here are things that are cool: bowties, fezes, and Stetsons. (via Redeye)
  • Bruce Campbell has confirmed via Twitter that his scene from Sam Raimi‘s Oz: The Great and Powerful has been cut already. (via Screen Rant)

    Speaking of Twitter, Neatorama has a look at the “religion of Batman” that is currently taking social media by storm, 140 characters or less at a time. Here is a shortcut so you can begin spreading the good news.

    A new screen shot from Hunger Games shows off Jennifer Lawrence‘s archery skills. (via /Film)

    And finally, sad news from the world of family-friendly comic strips: Bil Keane, creator of Family Circus, has passed away at 89. The strip ran in syndication for decades beginning in 1960. (via The Beat)

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