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Things We Saw Today: Grumpy Cat, Game Master

Things We Saw Today

Designed by Bradley Clopton, this Grumpy Cat/D&D illustration is available in shirt form over yonder. (Fashionably Geek)

This 35-foot-tall straw Dalek, or Strawlek (oh yes), was created by ice cream shop Snugbury’s in the Cheshire countyside. (io9)

  • Attention, people who exist at the center of the “Simpsons fanatics” and “LEGO fanatics” venn diagram. I have good news for you. A Simpsons LEGO set is coming in 2014. (Gizmodo)
  • We already knew Peter Capaldi‘s been a massive Doctor Who fan from a young age, but did you know that when he was 14 he had a special beef with the President of the Official Doctor Who Fan Club? Writes then-president Keith Miller: “[Capaldi] haunted my time running the fan club, as he was quite indignant he wasn’t considered for the post,” and “I was given the fan club to take the strain of dealing with the advent of the super-fans like Peter Capaldi… who wanted a running dialog with the production team.” Well he’ll sure have that dialogue now. (Digital Spy)

Time to start saving up: This Batman-inspired wedding ring by jewelry designer Takayas Mizuno can be yours for a mere $2,500. You don’t even need to be married to wear it. I won’t tell. (When Geeks Wed)

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