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Things We Saw Today: Gillian Anderson’s Eyeballs, Goofing Around On the Set of X-Files

Things We Saw Today

Gillian Anderson. Adorable. No mystery there. (via Epic Ponyz)

What’s not to like about cake pops? For one thing, they’re called “cake pops,” and that is super cute! For another: bite-sized cakes on a stick! And in the shape of Doctor Who villains? That can be eaten? Everything about this is great. (via Global Geek News)

  • If you need a moment of serenity, follow these instructions: Go to The Frisky, watch this cat, sitting in a massage chair, completely content and happy. Repeat if needed.
  • We’re sorry, but these custom-made Portal Converse sneakers are a lie. Or at least they are unavailable — for the moment. (via Game Tyrant)

  • Hey, did you hear about that time Benedict Cumberbatch auditioned for Star Trek 2 on an iPhone and totally got the part? No, really, that’s what happened! (via The Hollywood Reporter)
  • Gawker has a friendly reminder for all of us: Some girls are strong. Strong enough to contend with men, strong enough to win against men.

    In an absolute head to head competition, there are girls out there who will destroy you, Chad. What do you weigh? 165? A 165-pound woman has squatted 440 pounds. Can you do that? I didn’t think so. A 148-pound woman has deadlifted 510 pounds. These women were not born with testicles to excrete large amounts of testosterone to help them build larger muscles, like you were, yet they are still much stronger than you. Women’s boxing is an Olympic sport this year. Do you know how many of the women on the U.S. Women’s Boxing Team could beat you, a strong man, in a boxing match? All of them bro.

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