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Things We Saw Today: The Gentleman Squid

Things We Saw Today


Well, good evening to you! (Laughing Squid)

Rrrrrrr, he is using his tiny little plushie Force to no avail! At Nerd Approved, along with other deformed Star Wars plushies.

So many things right with this. (At Popped Culture)

Ready to bare your legs without baring your legs? I’m sure these will be just as attractive. And they are only $1,500. (At The Hairpin)

Or there’s always this educational/anatomical frock, for when you want to scream from the mountaintops that you have a uterus and you wish others could see it! (At The Gloss)

But maybe we’ll just stick to some geek vintage chic. (At Fashionably Geek)

This is Dickite. This is but one entry in Molecules With Silly or Unusual Names. Another one is Gossypol.

Sadly, these are the only versions of these figures that exist. But perhaps Valve might make their own. For science. (At Kotaku)

And finally, an infographic on pretty much every superhero movie ever made ever and some interesting stats. Click to embiggen! (At Bit Rebels)

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