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Things We Saw Today: Every Robot Ever

Things We Saw Today

This comprehensive portrait of tons and tons of robots in science fiction and other genres is by Robert Sargent and will probably keep you occupied for a good chunk of time. After the jump, click to embiggen. (at The Daily What via Tor)

Oh my goodness gracious, there has been a preview screening of The Muppets and people are writing about it. No spoilers (it’s been a spoilery day, I know), but here is just one initial reaction on Tough Pigs:

There are original songs. There are a ton of cameos (I know — big surprise), and many of them go by so quickly that the old cliché of “blink and you might miss them” actually applies. The puppets look great. The performances are wonderful. And Walter absolutely belongs to this world.

And now for the big question: “Was it any good?” Yes, yes it was. It was all kinds of good.

The next few months are going to be pretty exciting.

Zazzle has literature-inspired sneakers, if you’re into literature and also into sneakers. Featured below: Animal Farm. (via Flavorwire)

Porcelain skulls. Offered without comment. (at Dude Craft)

When you gotta go, you gotta go. (at Fashionably Geek)

Bitch Magazine has a piece about how young, female detective books shaped our respective youths and adulthoods.


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