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Things We Saw Today: Dogs Like Cosplay Too

Things We Saw Today

Shih-tzus’ costumes are easier. They already look like Ewoks. (Doxieone on Flickr via EPICponyz) ETA: Original source

If Wonder Woman was looking for an undercover fashionista getup, this would rock. (At Design You Trust)

I think the real question when we see the Mythbusters as Muppets is this: How many experiments would involve a rubber chicken and being thrown against the wall? (At Popped Culture)

Cake Wrecks has some amazing ’80s-themed cakes, but none of them are as truly, truly, truly outrageous as this Jem one.

Unsatisfied with regular shelves to store your books, DVDs, and other trinkets? Here is a shelf, shaped like a robot. (At If It’s Hip, It’s Here)

Etsy user Felix Green makes custom geek apparel, including these 8-bit Mario slip-on sneakers. We say, go for it. And check out the anime/manga designs, because they are wicked. (via So Geek Chic)

It’s very nearly summertime, and Cthulhu would like to help you with your grilling. (At BuzzFeed)

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