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Things We Saw Today: Doctor Wheuss

Things We Saw Today

Fa-Who-Fo-Re Dah-Who-Do-Re, Welcome TARDIS, come this way … (via Blastr)

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  • Hey, how about that! The CDC is now recommending that boys older than 11 years old start getting the HPV vaccine. (via io9)
  • Well, here is an interesting meeting that took place backstage at the Scream Awards. (via I Heart Chaos)

  • Ever wonder what it’s like to work as a zombie extra on AMC‘s The Walking Dead? Michael Saba at CNN‘s Geek Out Blog has a first-hand account.
  • On that note, have you ever wondered about what goes into making up corpses in funeral homes? Mortician Danielle Marcantoni was interviewed at The Beheld and shared some really interesting information, such as “You start decomposing immediately, so the skin on an unembalmed body is very soft.” (via The Hairpin)
  • If you’ve been in search of a figure of Warehouse 13‘s Claudia as an animated character, look no further. (via QMX)

    Street art or party game? It is all up to you what you do with the Black Knight and all of his severed limbs. (via Popped Culture)

  • How about that: Women speaking up about gender diversity in comics isn’t just a passing craze! Who’d have thunk it? DC Women Kicking Ass says: Let’s Tip It.
  • Marni Kotak, a performance artist who was preparing to give birth in a gallery in front of an audience a couple of weeks ago, has given birth to a healthy baby boy at the Microscope Gallery in Brooklyn. Yay! (via MSNBC)
  • And, finally, we leave you with a poseable Wall-E by Revoltech, for sale at the Big Bad Toy Store. (via Super Punch)

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