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Things We Saw Today: Doctor Who Meets DuckTales in DocTales

Things We Saw Today

Quick, everyone call your favorite TV executive and make this happen. (at Global Geek News)

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What I never knew I always wanted: Gob Bluth and Ron Swanson paper dolls. Gimme. (At Uproxx)

Great, now I want to be a baby hippo. (At Youtube)

Only the strongest (or is it weakest?) among us can avoiding falling into the pony trance.(At EpicPonyz)

Yet another example of why Etsy is awesome. (At Geeks Are Sexy)

  • Anthony Stewart Head says the in-talks Buffy reboot is a “horrid idea” and he’s offended for Joss Whedon. Because he’s Giles and he’s logical like that. (At Gather Entertainment)
  • This we are skeptical of (Coventry Telegraph):

Daniel Knox-Hewson, 23, and Kelvin Borbidge, 22, both from Nottingham, are now thought to have the world’s longest names….Daniel has legally renamed himself as Emperor Spiderman Gandalf Wolverine Skywalker Optimus Prime Goku Sonic Xavier Ryu Cloud Superman HeMan Batman Thrash….His pal Kelvin has opted to be known from now on as Baron Venom Balrog Sabretooth Vader Megatron Vegeta Robotnik Magneto Bison Sephiroth Lex Luthor Skeletor Joker Grind.

  • This we are so entirely not skeptical of: The Big Lebowski cast is reuniting! (At USA Today)
  • This is a great interview with Turbine Design Director Linda Currie. (At Gaming Angels)
  • Read The Venture Bros.‘ “Dos and Don’ts” of Cons. (At LA Weekly)

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