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Things We Saw Today: DC Universe and Dark Knight Rises MIMOBOT USB Flash Drives

Things We Saw Today

These adorable flash drives would be the perfect place to store character-specific comics. (via Comicbook Resources.)

  • Mark Ruffalo hulked out over environmental pollution and global warming and wrote an article with Mark Z. Jacobsen drawing comparisons between the Tesseract of the Avengers franchise and the renewable energy offered by water, wind and solar power. (via Huffington Post.)

Cartoon Network has released the first full-sized promotional image for the upcoming series Teen Titans Go! The series will be a light-hearted spin off of the wildly popular Teen Titans animated series. (via World’s Finest.)

  • The first Hunger Games film only had a limited, last minute IMAX run, but fans can expect to see a full release to IMAX screens as parts of Catching Fire will be directed with IMAX cameras. I can’t wait to see breathtaking shots of the Capital and the area! Maybe it’ll tone down, you know, the horror of a state-sponsored child battle royale. (via Slash Film.)

In other awesome figurine news, check out this gorgeous, cartoonish statue of Inara Serra from Firefly! Stand her next to a Malcolm statue so they can bicker/make googly eyes at one another. (via QMx.)

  • Are you an avid cosplayer? Are you internet famous for your costume sewing skills? Holly Conrad wants you to submit pictures for an upcoming book about cosplay! (via Holly Conrad.)
  • Up for a challenge? See if you can tell whether a man or a woman wrote these sex scenes. Spoilers: Bad erotica may just be gender blind. (via Jezebel.)

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