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Things We Saw Today: Darth Vader On a Vespa

Things We Saw Today

So, Darth Vader was cruising around on his vespa one sunny afternoon, when all of a sudden, a bus pulled up. Does the Sith Lord: a) Ask the bus driver for directions before strangling him with the Force, b) Board the bus and use the Force to propel the vespa into a safe parking spot, or c) Continue calmly to the nearest Red Mango? Choose your own adventure, everyone! (via Blastr)

  • Also from Blastr, Bryan Fuller and Bryan Singer — aka “The Bryans,” though just for this news item — have apparently been working on their own separate Star Trek series for the franchise’s return to TV, and now they’re talking about “pooling their resources” and working together on making this happen. Set phasers to “speculate”!
  • And speaking of Star Trek, Patrick Stewart has written an op-ed for The Guardian protesting the cuts in funding for the women’s domestic violence charity, Refuge, in the UK: “It saddens me beyond description that women and children experiencing domestic violence today are being left to deal with fear and abuse on their own – just as my mother was, more than 60 years ago.” (via Jezebel)
  • On a lighter note, here are the cutest Mario earrings you will see all day. Etsy seller SweetWhatevers also makes Link and other Nintendo-themed earrings, plus Adventure Time earrings and piece inspired by the Disney princesses. The earrings are just $6.50. (via Fashionably Geek)

    Congressman John Fleming of Louisiana was not very happy about a news article he read about the possibility of an “Abortionplex” being built, because he is “pro-life” and finds that kind of thing appalling. You know what’s hilarious about this? He got this information from a nine-month-old Onion article. But a little fact-checking didn’t get in his way of posting the story to his Facebook page, much to the delight of his constituents. (via Mediaite)

  • To promote its return to AMC next Sunday, The Walking Dead has teamed up with Facebook Connect to create a super-creepy app that involves a “customized video experience.” Read more about it at USA Today.
  • Our friends at Comediva went ahead and hypothesized what might happen if Hermione Granger switched places with Katniss Everdeen. Magic and arrows are most likely involved in some way.

    First she was a judge on Project Runway, and now, Miss PIggy is hosting the red carpet at the BAFTAS. So, yes: the entertainment industry considers her a real person. I am formally requesting to see her SAG card, and if that makes me a Muppet birther, then that’s just how it’s going to be. (via Bleeding Cool)

  • We knew it — Michael Caine had the following to say about working on the set of a Chrisopher Nolan movie: “On Batman you get shot if you speak about it.” However he offered the promise that The Dark Knight Rises “will definitely be the best ever.” But it’s not like he had a gun to his head. (via MTV Splash Page)
  • Ty Templeton has offered his artistic take on the reaction to the Alan-Moore-free Watchmen prequels. (via Boing Boing)

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