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Things We Saw Today: Curious George Was Always a Joker …

Things We Saw Today

Where’s the Man in the Yellow Hat? Should we be worried? (Threadless)

Behold, the giant rabbit of Minorca! This newly discovered fossil is said to be the largest rabbit that ever roamed the planet. It may have had a vicious streak a mile wide, but that’s impossible to tell from the fossil alone. (At Neatorama)

On a similar note … (At Super Punch)

For your fancier Transformers-loving guests. (At That’s Nerdalicious!)

Speaking of animated robots from the 1980s, let’s not forget the GoBots, the red-headed stepchild of the Transformers. Topless Robot has 8 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About GoBots (and Probably Didn’t Care).

The best Super Mario Bros.-themed bedroom you’ll see today. This kid’s parents are awesome. (At Nerd Approved)

Adorbs of the day: orphaned baby bear cubs make friends with a baby tiger. (At URLesque)

Easter candy taco. (At Serious Eats)

BatHamm and SuperHamm. This is just a hint of how fun it would be. The world wills it so! (By Stanley Chow via Culture Popped)

You can watch the first 15 minutes (or so) of HBO‘s Game of Thrones here. (At Huffington Post)

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