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Things We Saw Today: Community‘s Yvette Nicole Brown With Captain America’s Shield

Things We Saw Today

As captured by Marvel’s Agent M.

  • According to Rush Limbaugh completely misinterpreting some science, women choose careers because they’re too ugly to get married. The Frisky explains why, uh, no. Not even according to the source you were citing.
  • Hey, just in case you were wondering, this joke site that assumes all Diablo III gamers are straight men? Yeah, it’s not owned or operated by Blizzard, but rather by somebody in Canada. Blizzard might not be perfect (nobody is) but it’s smarter than that.

Batgirl writer Gail Simone shows off an upcoming bust of the character. (Tumblr)

  • io9 examines the lack of hard scientific evidence we have of on the effects of abortion as a medical procedure, and the emotional and financial cost of that procedure not being available on women, and asks why.

Cartoon Network’s Beware the Batman teaser doesn’t exactly thrill me, but maybe I’m just jaded.

This is Anthony Hopkins as Alfred Hitchcock. Yes, we’re quite impressed too. (Empire Online)

We love the comics Faith Erin Hicks has been making for, and this time she did one about The Legend of Korra! (Tor)

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