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Things We Saw Today: This Chain Mail Apron May Not Improve My Cooking, But At Least I’ll Be Invincible

Things We Saw Today

To arms, chefs! Wield those knives fearlessly! (via That’s Nerdalicious.)

  • Morgan Nelson takes a look at gender in HBO’s The Newsroom. (via The Frisky.)
  • WoW Insider laments the lack of well-written, believable female World of Warcraft characters that aren’t wholly defined by their gender. (via WoW Insider.)

Yes, that is the entire Hobbit cast joining Ian McKellen during his one man show to raise money for a church! (via Digital Spy.)

  • Here’s a roundup of every item that was inside the time capsule that Nickelodeon buried in 1992. I wonder if that Game Boy still works? (via Mental Floss.)
  • 1UP has a roundup of 6 female video game characters that “do it right.” If by “do it right” they mean weren’t poorly conceived and written to appeal to gamers wanting fanservice only, then this is a pretty good list, though I’m not entirely convinced by the inclusion of Bayonetta.

How excited are you about Hotel Transylvania? Here’s the extended trailer and an interview with director Genndy Tartakovsky. (via Bleeding Cool.)

  • The Jane Dough has a roundup of 4 ridiculous and/or innocuous things the Girl Scouts have been accused of. Whether or not these accusations are true may be debatable (though probably not) but the real question is: Where are those Girl Scout cookie-inspired candy bars and where can I buy them?

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