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Things We Saw Today: Amazing Technicolor Cartoon Wheel

Things We Saw Today

Slate created this eye-candy of a color wheel featuring tons of popular cartoon characters. We give them props for going full-geek in making a ROYGBIV-based infographic about animated characters. (via Popped Culture)

This is Jennifer Landa, and this is her Death Star dress, complete with TIE-fighter headpiece. Visit Technabob for even more pictures of her excellent cosplay. (You might also remember her from her interview with the girl who chose the Dark Side.)

It’s Harry Potter’s birthday today! That means it’s also J.K. Rowling‘s birthday (and Neville Longbottom’s)! But I’ll bet you had no idea that Harry would actually be 31 years old, did you? It’s shocking to anyone born in 1980, trust me.

The Worf Stripes. From a 2005 challenge by Shane Nickerson to insert Worf into his own themed band parody. (via BuzzFeed)

A little girl, dressed as a Dalek. We’d invite her to have tea, if we weren’t so scared of her threats to humanity. (at Neatorama)

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