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Things We Saw Today: Boba Fett’s Carbonite Crunch Ice Cream

Things We Saw Today

Wait, first Ron Swanson’s “Give Me All the Bacon and Eggs You Have” ice cream, now Boba Fett’s “Carbonite Crunch?” Ben & Jerry, please tell me you’re doing everything you can to make this happen. I’m sorry, I worry you might have heard that as “do a lot to make this happen.” What I meant was DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN. (At Geeks Are Sexy)

  • So apparently Glamour thinks that those Harry Potter theme weddings we praised a few weeks back are incredibly tacky and childish, and that hosting one would just mean making a fool of yourself in front of your guests. All I’m saying is, they’re obviously not inviting the right people to your wedding.

Also, apparently Leonard Nimoy directed that Tom Selleck/Steve Guttenberg/Ted Danson vehicle Three Men and A Baby…Wait, what? (At Mental Floss)

  • Cartoonist and educator Steve Bissette is calling for a boycott of Marvel over their treatment of Jack Kirby and his heirs. (At Comics Beat)

This LEGO dragon ACTUALLY breathes fire. Just don’t burn down the house. Or melt those LEGOs. (At Technabob)

I can’t remember the last time I wanted to eat art so badly. (At Buzz Feed)

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