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Things We Saw Today: Batman v Superman Has Never Looked as Adorable as It Does in a Funko Two-Pack!

You can't brood if you don't have a mouth to frown with! HA!



In more SDCC Exclusive news, Funko will be bringing this awesome(ly adorable) Batman v Superman two-pack with them to Comic-Con! (via Comic Book Resources)

  • Angel 8 is a cult science fiction TV show. It’s also a lifestyle. To the fans gathered at the first-ever Angel 8 convention, it’s EVERYTHING. But when the unthinkable happens during show creator Scott Furnish’s long-awaited keynote address, this group of lovable misfits must band together to prove that no power in the ‘verse can keep a story from its fans.” This is the synopsis for an awesome sci-fi musical going on in Chicago right now called Fanatical, and being performed by The American Demigods. Visit their website for tickets and info!
  • IMAX just optioned the rights to the 2011 book Moby Duck, by Donovan Hohn, which tells the story of the environmental impact of a cargo container of 28,000 rubber duckies spilling into the Pacific Ocean. (via The Hollywood Reporter)


CoverGirl wants you to show your allegiance to the Dark Side or the Light with this new collection of Star Wars: The Force Awakens make-up. So, will you be rocking Sith or Jedi cosmetics this Fall? (via Nerdist)

  • If you love Women in STEM, then you’ll love The Solidworks Blog, which features interviews with female engineers in all sorts of fields! Check it out, and get inspired!
  • We knew it wouldn’t be too long after Parks and Recreation that we’d see Rashida Jones on TV again! Her new police procedural satire, Angie Tribeca, debuts on TBS this Fall! (via MoviePilot)


Ocean explorer, Sylvia Earle, is going to be joining the LEGO minifig collection of female scientists! (via Nerdist)

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