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Things We Saw Today: Batman Shredding

Things We Saw Today

Righteous. By artist Hupao, who likes his geek icons. (At Geek Tyrant)

This is the cutest tiny robot made of junk you will see today. And they are being sold on Etsy at Forgotten Robots:

“They’ve been in the factory so long that most have forgotten their names. The original Makers either left or died off long, long ago. Over the eons the robots ‘woke up’. Now with their new self-awareness and personalities the forgotten robots are looking for new homes and new names. They are hard workers and fun to be around and would make a welcome addition to any home or office desk.”

Awwwwwww. (At Boing Boing)

Super Mario Bros. — with a Portal gun. Start wishing now. (At Bit Rebels)

Terry Prachett, who was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s in December 2007, conducted an interview with Australia’s The Book Show about writing while living with the disease. You can listen to the audio interview and/or read the transcript. (At Nerdcore)

The Portal LEGO set does not exist, but that hasn’t stopped some very creative people with tons and tons of LEGOS from creating their own. Here is (an unfinished) Chell figurine. (At Technabob)

Here is GLaDOS:

And finally, Space Invaders cupcakes. More geek cakes at Cake Wrecks.

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