Things We Saw Today: An MST3K Headboard

Things We Saw Today
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Now, the Satellite of Love crew can provide commentary on your dreams … and maybe also your bed activities. Good idea? Or best idea? (via Boing Boing)

It’s a film about what transmedia production is all about, but most importantly, this movie being featured at the Tribeca Film Festival is a hipster parody of Jurassic Park, and it’s concerned about the well-being of velociraptors. Welcome … to Jurassic Park Slope.

Pop Matters has written a love letter to Ms. Pac-Man, because she deserves your love and attention.

  • The Frisky has an in-depth guide to the women of Game of Thrones, but no cosplay tips on how to best emulate them. That’s okay. I was making a trip to the wig shop anyway.
  • Johnny Depp is getting attention, but probably not the kind of attention he’d like, following the release of pictures of him in costume as Tonto in Lone Ranger. As in, people are not thrilled that he’s “paying tribute” to Native Americans by playing into uninformed stereotypes, even though he certainly means well. We just wish he’d done a little more thoughtful research. (via Gender Focus)
  • There is a chance you may have seen this, because when you see the word “TARDIS,” you click on it, and when you see the word “dildo,” you also click on it. Imagine the speed of clicking when the two are combined to form “TARDIS dildo.” (via iGeekTrooper)

    This was that time that Wolverine met Freddie Mercury in a real Marvel comic, but it was part of an unused pitch, and it never got to happen. And we are worse off for it. (via io9)

    So, you want to tattoo a full sleeve on your arm with a Spider-Man theme, but you don’t want to make the painful commitment, wear these stupid things on your arms instead! (I recommend a tee-shirt, seriously.) (via Global Geek News)

    Guys, I just ask one thing of you: IMAGINE. (via Best Week Ever)

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