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Things We Saw Today: Inspector Spacetime Travels Through Space…and Time

Things We Saw Today

Inspector Spacetime is a show we spend far too much of our time wishing was actually a show we could watch. We’re not entirely sure we’ve accepted the fact that it is not (for now). Which is why we’re glad when the internet humors us, as with this awesome fan art mocking up a poster of the Inspector and company. As Dan Harmon himself said when he saw it (and reblogged it), “this is really really really cool.” (via Dan Harmon)

  • Taking on quite the controversial issue, this essay argues that rape jokes can be funny–when they are the type that disempower the rapist. “The levity with which an atrocity is handled has the power — not that this should be necessary — to illuminate, once again, the seriousness of the subject matter. A laugh reaction being, ‘Oh, Jesus.  That is awful. And, oh yeah, that exists in this world and I don’t think about it much.’” It’s an interesting read, and a worthwhile one. Read the whole thing at The Frisky.
  • Remember the Mexican gymnast who played a medley from The Legend of Zelda during her floor performance at the Olympics? Well, her sister is a journalist, who confirms that, yes, Elsa is a life-long gamer, and awesome in a whole host of ways. (via Kotaku)
  • Lifehacker has some handy tips on how to boost your wifi signal. (via Lifehacker)

We’ve always been very intrigued by the ways in which drag culture comments on gender. These stunning portraits of people done up in half-drag makeup only confirm our love of it, and are a really interesting examination of beauty. (via The Frisky)

This is a list of legendary British people’s images nibbled out of cookies. Its very existence is just one of the zillion reasons why we love that the internet is a thing that exists. (via Flavorwire)

More in galleries: This one shows us what all the kids in Stephen Spielberg’s Hook looked like when they (gasp!) grew up. Ruuuuuffiiiooooooo! (via Buzzfeed)


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