Things We Saw Today: An AT-AT Shaped Cat Condo

Things We Saw Today
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You know, for Meow Skywalker, the hilarious cat. See how it was made (and the tricked out interior) at Blastr.

Ladies and gentlemen: what the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles would have looked like if they’d been made by Aardman Productions. (I Heart Chaos)

  • What, you mean you think I should be surprised that the writer of the only negative review of The Avengers on Rotten Tomatoes is getting harassed by nerds? Sadly, I’m not. What you mean you think I should be surprised that their getting accusations of performing sexual favors to get their job? Huh, actually – Oh, they’re a woman? Yeah, no, sadly, I’m not. Matt Singer of IndieWire throws down some superheroic shame.

The artist behind Playing Dead tells a story of hot love in the cool nights of Tatooine. (Neatorama)

Black Milk Clothing, home of lots of really expensive and surprisingly high fashion nerd clothing just showed off these Harley Quinn leggings and we’re all drooling over here. (Melissa Kay)

The cast of Star Wars MST3Ks Firefly. Your argument is invalid. (Fashionably Geek)

This is the first photo from the long-coming new season of Red Dwarf. (Blastr)

Okay, so Feminist Ryan Gosling + Cthulhu – Ryan Gosling = Feminist Cthulhu. (The Jane Dough)

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