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Things We Saw Today: Abraham Lincoln, Ghostbuster

Things We Saw Today

Now that he is both a vampire hunter and a Ghostbuster, I like to pretend that Abraham Lincoln is President of the Dead People and benevolently leads them in the war against the Good Dead and the Evil Dead, emerging victorious when all can live with each other in eternal, spookyass harmony. (via Geeks Are Sexy)

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I’ll bet you’d like to find out how you can download Blackadder II with Rowan Atkinson for free on iTunes, wouldn’t you? You should definitely visit BBC America for the details.

  • Norman Reedus, who plays The Walking Dead‘s resident squirrel-tossing hothead, Daryl Dixon, did an interview with EW’s InsideTV and talked about how totally freaking gross Season 2 — which starts tomorrow night at 9:00 on AMC — is going to be.
  • I really hope that the reboot of He-Man: Masters of the Universe won’t be about Prince Adam’s corporate strategy to defeat the power of Grayskull. (via Neatorama)

    Squeeeeeee! Real-life Boo! (via EPIC Ponyz)

    Sigh … Misfits is coming back to the UK’s E4 in November and it has a new trailer, but without Nathan (Robert Sheehan), and I can barely bring myself to care. But if you want a real first look at the crew with Rudy (Joe Gilgun), here it is. (via Huffington Post)

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