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Things We Saw Today: A Mirrored TARDIS

Things We Saw Today

According to Dean Trippe, this mirrored TARDIS is Mark Wallinger‘s “Time and Relative Dimensions in Space 2001″, and, when placed in the right surroundings and viewed from the right angle, blends in quite nicely despite a broken Chameleon circuit.

They also have an absolutely hilarious article on the best comic book cover blurbs (or examples of text on a comic cover), of which this is only the beginning:

Enjoy, DC FIfty-TOO!, an art project dedicated to showcasing one alternate idea for a DC reboot series drawn or explained by another talented cartoonist or writer (who is not currently involved in the reboot). Below: Apollo, Midnighter, Jack Hawksmoor, his daughter the Iron Butterfly, Donner, and the teenage Jenny Atomic, a native of Iran.

Good news! There’s a lot of pros to being a boy feminist (Skepchick):

  • Bad News: the fact that a girl is conventionally attractive is somehow still totally the first and biggest reason that you should disbelieve her when she says she’s a geek. ಠ_ಠ

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