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Things We Saw Today: A DIY Hanukkah Miracle

Things We Saw Today

Kathy Ceceri of GeekMom recounts her family adventure in building a LED menorah kit and the meaning of the holiday in modern times for GeekMom.

  • As a thank you for the success of Arkham City, Rocksteady Studios are releasing a new, free, Batman skin for the game, and have revealed a cheat code that allows you to dress Batman in any of the available skins during any play-through of the main story section of the game. We really hope this means Catwoman, too, so we can give her a costume that zips up all the way. (Head over heels in love with the game, but I’m just saying.)

Mike Maihack says this is his last Supergirl/Batgirl comic, and we are sad. But it’s still very, very awesome. (Buffalog)

Guys. Guys, none of this is evidence that Robin is in The Dark Knight Rises. The extras in the stadium scene were all drawn to the set on the advertisement of being in TDKR and I doubt anyone was controlling for font when they checked out the extra-made signs. (BuzzFeed)

  • Capcom took Magneto out of an update to Marvel vs. Capcom because of the Spanish royal family? Yes, oddly enough. (Comic Book Resources)

Jakks Pacific, maker of Men in Black III toys, is coming out with a talking Frank the Pug plush. My teenage self wants one really badly.

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