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Things We Saw Today: A Darth Vader Hairdryer

Things We Saw Today

As long as it has a cool shot, we could totally use this. (via Boing Boing.)

DC’s The Source blog has a really interesting interview with the artist and co-writers of September’s finally debuting Batwoman.

JHW: Well first off we’ll be focused on developing a rogue’s gallery for Batwoman, and leading that charge will be The Weeping Woman. It’s very important for heroes to have strong villains. This is what helps define a hero’s character. Right now Batwoman only has Alice for the most part. We’re going to change that in a very big way. By the time the second arc wraps we’ll have established no less than 5 new villains. We’re excited over the impact this will have in the life of Batwoman, Kate Kane and the rest of the cast.

WHB: We really want to create a strong Rogue’s Gallery for Batwoman, so we’re using the first arc to introduce a new (and very creepy) villain called the Weeping Woman, based on a figure from Mexican folklore. She’s one of my favorite types of monsters – someone who does horrifying things, but is also tragic and sympathetic in many ways.

It’s really awesome that Nathan’s finally allows women to compete in their own division of the famous hot dog eating contest, but did they have to make it a pink belt? Congratulations to the first winner of the yearly contest, Sonya Thomas! (Jezebel.)

Holy crap, somebody let Patton Oswalt write Batman comics right this instant. (Nerd Bastards.)

The Joker once again breaks out of Arkham Asylum, and Batman – along with the Justice League – tears apart Gotham to find him.

And who feels the heat the worst when the League is cracking down hard? Gotham’s criminals.

And because Batman works his way up from minor street thug, higher and higher on the chain, it’s the “C” list criminals who suffer first.

Barely escaping a beatdown and capture, The Cluemaster (who I’m going to make a much younger, inexperienced criminal) gathers a literal “C”-list of other, frightened criminals – Crazyquilt, Crime Doctor, Calendar Man andCopperhead – to hunt the “J”.

What follows is a desperate night search through Gotham’s underworld, during which our protagonist – The Cluemaster – sees firsthand the effects of crime…

That’s all, bub! (Threadless via Fashionably Geek.)

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