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Things We Saw Today: A Xena: Warrior Princess Mini Reunion

[longing intensifies]

Still hanging with my gal #Reneeoconnor @reallucylawless #xena #gabrielle

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Last week, our hearts were broken when those rumors about a Xena revival were dashed by none other than the warrior princess herself. Perhaps to make us feel better, Lucy Lawless took to Instagram to post probably the sweetest reunion picture we’ve seen in a while. All together now: d’aaaawwwwnowbringbackXenapleasethankyou. (via HitFix)

  • One day, someday soon, maybe press junket interviewers will actually ask enlightening questions of the female stars in the movies we all see. That day did not happen when Cara Delevigne was asked some super patronizing questions on Good Day Sacramento. “Did you read the book,” indeed. Hmph. All together now: d’aaaawwwwnowbringusbetterquestionspleasethankyou. (via John Green on Medium)
  • Are you a Star Trek: The Next Generation fan? Would it surprise you to know that Gene Roddenberry almost killed the show? This new documentary from William Shatner (of all people) titled Chaos on the Bridge sheds light on how the series creator almost torpedoed the entire show.All together now: d’aaaawwwwnowbringusmoreIdrisElbainStarTrekpleasethankyou. (via io9)

Continuing the trend of celebrities being adorable with each other on social media, our collective crush worlds collided when the Guardians of the Galaxy official Twitter posted this photo of Kevin Bacon playing with a little Star Lord action figure. And of course, Chris Pratt wasn’t far behind to geek out about it. Once again, all together: d’aaaawwwwnowbringusaChrisPrattFootloosepleasethankyou.

  • We go from cute to horrifying because apparently the Destination America channel is set to perform what they’re calling the “first televised exorcism in U.S. history.” Yeah. Let that sink in for a moment. Exorcism: Live (and its sequel Exorcism: On Ice!) will be shown on Halloween this year. So load up on candy and get ready to throw up in horror… or boredom. I was kidding about the On Ice thing. All together now: d’aaaawwwwnowbringusExorcism: On Ice!pleasethankyou. (via THR)
  • Have you ever wanted to take a walk through the International Space Station? Chances are it’s too late for you to become an astronaut, so strap your mouse hand in and get ready to blast off to this neat website with a panoramic tour of the ISS interior. Gut reaction: oh my gosh everything is so tiny and why are all the wires sticking out oh my gosh don’t push that button oh nooooo.All together now: d’aaaawwwwnowbringushomegetmeoutofthisthingpleasethankyou. (via Blastr)

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