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Things We Saw Today: Chris Pratt Adores Jurassic Baby

jurassic baby

The “Jurassic Zoo” meme totally has a winner! Chris Pratt singled out this adorable photo and commended this baby’s parents on his Facebook page. We agree! Geek Parent Achievement unlocked! (via Uproxx)

iron man asgardian

Check out this amazing version of Iron Man’s suit forged by the folks at Prince Armory. This what Iron Man’s armor would look like if it were forged in Asgard, and it is truly worthy of the gods. There are more photos over at The Daily Dot.

Lawrence Fishburne to star as Alex Haley in a remake of Roots over at A&E. (via The Hollywood Reporter)

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast had feminist origins? Do tell! (via Spinoff Online)


Stuff like this almost makes this long-time Trekkie want to join a biker gang! Check out this awesome denim jacket from ThinkGeek! (via Fashionably Geek)


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