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Things We Saw Today: Superfit Hero Creates Exercise Wear That Empowers

Wear your feminism on your sleeve! Or on your WHOLE SHIRT.


Check out this awesome shirt from Superfit Hero, a line of exercise clothing that strives to make women feel like powerful! (via the Superfit Hero Facebook page)

  • This opinion piece over at Salon posits that it’s getting to be about time for X-Men‘s Magneto to have an origin change, and perhaps become a member of a different minority group. Thoughts?
  • Canadian production company, Nelvana, and Nickelodeon are partnering on a new series called Mysticons, about a quartet of girls who transform into legendary warriors. Sounds pretty badass to us! (via TV, eh?)

portal 2 clothes

WeLoveFine has added to their Portal clothing line, which now includes this awesome GLaDOS dress! Check out all the new duds over at Nerdist!

  • Check out this insightful interview with astronomer, Dr. Jill Tarter, the scientist who inspired Jodie Foster’s character, Eleanor Arroway, in the film, Contact. (via The Huffington Post)
  • Windows 10 now supports holograms. This is not a drill! Well, it sort of is. You need special HoloLens glasses, so it’s kind of like 3-D? (via

The next chapter in the game, Borderlands, comes out June 23rd!

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