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Things We Saw Today: A Male Dazzler

Things We Saw Today

This digital art by timberoo of DeviantArt depicts what the Marvel superhero Dazzler would look like if she were a man. Someone cosplay this, please. (via I Like Comics Too)

What else did we find on the good ol’ interwebs today? Hit the jump to find out! 

  • Kelly Thompson did a great She Has No Head column today where she gives us 8 Great (New) Female Positive Ongoing comics we should be reading and hey, I’m reading 5 of them already! (via CBR)
  • Hayley Cambell writes An Open Letter To The Guy Waiting In The Corner Of This Comic Shop. See, she’s a woman who works there and he was apparently uncomfortable being helped by her. One bit, “Please let me help you get laid. Have you ever seen Ghost World? Let me be your Enid, Seymour. Let me be your Enid.”
  • Steel will be making his New 52 debut in Action Comics #4 and get his own back-up feature! (via Robot 6)

Couldn’t Vader have just used the Force to float a tiny bucket into the glass? Who am I kidding? This is much cuter. (via The Carnival of the Random)

  • Robert Pattinson is afraid of the “Mark Hamill curse” post-Twilight. (via Blastr)
  • We’ve discovered an awesome blog called Not In The Kitchen Anymore. J. Haniver writes, “When I game online, I record audio in the lobbies of people reacting to playing against a female gamer. Sometimes the reactions are humorous, sometimes they are downright insulting. Even though female gamers are becoming more and more common, we are still largely treated as an anomaly.”

Willy Yonkers created this extremely life-like Portal turret at the ThinkGeek headquarters. Unfortunately it’s not for sale but you can see a breakdown of how he did it.  (via ThinkGeek)

  • That may have disappointed you a bit, don’t worry! ThinkGeek will raise your spirits with a Talking Cave Johnson portrait. For sale. For real. It’s going to run $40.(via Topless Robot)
  • The NY Post ran an article today about women in comedy finally getting their due. Quotes from Kathy Griffin, Caroline Hirsch and Amy Schumer.

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