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Things We Saw Today: Alternate Universe Kim Possibles

Things We Saw Today

DeviantArtist EastCoastCanuck has created a wonderful piece depicted Kim Possible in well, all possible alternate universes. From left to right: Gokim The Super Saiyan (GBZ), Kimtos The Goddess of War (God of War), Kim Yagami (Death Note), Kim Jordan (Green Lantern), Kimora The Keybearer (Kingdom Hearts), Kimthor The Norse Goddess of Thunder (Marvel) and her male version Zim Possible! Also check out the second one featuring Batkim (DC Comics), Kim Widow (Marvel), Kimyx Vance (VALVe), Sailor Kim (Toei Animation), Spiderkim (Marvel), Kim Lockheart (Square Enix) and Ron as Robin-Ron (DC). Think that’s enough awesome for one day? No way! Check out what else we saw today… 

  • Ever wish you could have a Farnsworth communicator from Warehouse 13? Now you can with the new Farnsworth app!
  • A little helpful advice on learning to accept your Brony friends from the folks at g33kWatch. You learn new things every day.
  • A mint copy of The Avengers #1 just sold for $250,000, the highest price ever paid for that particular comic. We have a hunch Tom Hiddleston bought it.

Oh that James Hance! You loving mashing up our favorite things in your wonderful illustrations! This time it’s Doctor Who and Peter Pan.

  • Did you know there’s a Doctor Who Encyclopedia iPad app? There is! As of right now it only covers the modern era Doctors but it’s still pretty neat!
  • Jennifer Lawrence says Hunger Games is not Twilight but is enjoying her freedom now just in case things go down that path. (via Jezebel)
  • A Girl Scout leader will undergo sensitivity training after denying membership to a young individual who was born a boy but has always identified herself as a girl (With a statement from the Girl Scouts of America). (via Geek Mom)

The best new tumblr find of the week: The Kitten Covers.

  • Artists are donating works mostly featuring Krypto, Superman’s dog, to comic writer Steve Niles to sell at auction and collect into a print set in order to help him pay for a very expensive surgery for his own dog Sonny. Details on his blog. (via The Beat)
  • There’s a Kickstarter going on right now trying to raise funds for a statue/desk at the Cleveland Heights public library in honor of Harvey Pekar. It will always be filled with paper and pencils for people to sit and write or draw comics at the same place where Pekar himself liked to work.
  • The University of Cambridge has an article up titled Men of Wonder: Gender and American Superhero Comics. Worth a read.

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