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Things We Saw Today: Clap If You Believe In Awesome Pin Up Disney Cosplay

Look at this stuff? Isn't it neat!


Pin up Ursula and Maleficent?! I am swooning over the bad-assery of this Dragon Con Disney group. Picture credit CosIT Photography.


These are the books featured in Sims 4. I would very much like to read all of them (except for Taking Control: The Futility of Trying. I think I have already read that book). (via Chipped Cup on Tumblr)

  • The Simpsons will air in China for the first time ever! (via Variety)
  • James Cordon will replace Craig Ferguson on the Late Late Show. (via The Hollywood Reporter)


Sure, The Mary Sue doesn’t usually write about restaurants, but I am so intrigued: what is a “medieval spectacle restaurant?” Are actual dragons involved? Residents of Staten Island, please inform and/or deliver! (via Gothamist)

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