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Things We Saw Today: I Chews You, Pikachu Burger!

Pikachu burger uses Bun-der Shock! It's super effective!

As delicious as it looks, I kinda feel like I wouldn’t be able to eat this burger from the pop-up Pikachu café in Tokyo. Instead I’d probably just let it follow me around while I eat food shaped like other Pokémon. That’s what true friendship is all about. (via Kotaku)

  • This list of Game of Thrones characters paired up with their historical counterparts starts kind of dry, but definitely picks up towards the end. (via io9)
  • A recent study shows that “male faculty members are significantly less likely than female faculty to bring female trainees into their labs.” But yeah, you’re right: there’s probably less female scientists because girls just aren’t interested enough. Ugh. (Slate)

game of phones

When you play the game of phones, you with win, or you run out of minutes. Or you could just make your own Iron Throne out of cocktail swords and styrofoam like tumb1r on Imgur did. (via Neatorama)

  • Kacy Catanzaro broke records last night by becoming the first female participant in America Ninja Warrior to complete the finals course—and she did so spectacularly.  (via CBS Baltimore)
  • Good news for people who hated the Sanders sisters, or… triplets? Whatever they were: Ali Larter is not returning for Heroes Reborn. (via Digital Spy)


Angoras like this one are the world’s fluffiest rabbits. We’d like twenty, please. (via BoingBoing)

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