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Things We Saw Today: Jareth The Goblin King Sitting On The Iron Throne

Your move, Grumpy Cat.


David Bowie is taking what is his with fire, blood, and a conspicuous pants bulge. Thank you, doodleholic, for your service to humanity. (via io9)

  • An Australian study has concluded that children with same-sex parents are healthier overall than their peers raised by heterosexuals. (via Jezebel)
  • Prepare your nightmares: Annabelle, the demonic doll from The Conjuring, is getting her very own movie. (via io9)


If you’re heading to SDCC,  you might want to pick up one of these wallets from Graphitti Designs–if you think Harley Quinn can be trusted, that is.

The Frankfurt airport is now an Imperial base. Hopefully Stormtroopers are better at directing traffic than they are at shooting. (via Sploid)


Crafty mom Laura Hartrich spent 95 hours embroidering this 12 by 14 inch panel from Scientific Progress Goes Boink for her son’s birthday. Thank goodness she had a picture to work off of, Calvin could never sit still for that long. (via Neatorama)

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