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Things We Saw Today: Destroy Your Enemy’s Nexus In This League of Legends Hoodie

Shark cannon not included.


Want a snuggly and totally casual way to dress up like League of Legends summoner Jinx? This adorable sweatshirt from hoodied will do the trick. You might remember them from their super rad DC-inspired line of hoodies, too.

  • The Wall Street Journal did a study to determine which of Amazon’s most popular e-books people start but never finish. At the top of the list? A Brief History of Time. Huh. I’d have thought it would be 50 Shade of Grey or something. (via io9)
  • In addition to having UFC fighter Ronda Rousey attached to star, The Athena Project now has a screenwriter: Ashlee Powell. Make us proud. (via Deadline)

rbg card

Wish your loved ones a happy birthday or “court” that special someone with a nice greeting card? Of course it has to have Ruth Bader Ginsberg on it. That’s where the Ruth Bader Ginsberg fondness collection by AlesiaBobzien comes in–and, as an added bonus, the cards are part of a Planned Parenthood Fundraiser! (via Hypervocal)


Ah! My dear! You have the grim! You– oh, wait, that’s just what the bottom of this teacup from Crucify looks like. My mistake. It’s not like Divination’s an exact science. (via That’s Nerdalicious)

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