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Things We Saw Today: Photographer Makes Self-Serious Male Authors and Their Cigarettes Look Silly

Dial it back a bit, boys.

Stop trying to make cigarettes look cool. Stop trying to make yourself look cool with cigarettes. It is not working. And if it is working, congratulations, you’re convincing people to take up an unhealthy addiction. Also, stop taking yourself so seriously. I guess if I have one message here, it’s “Stop.” But definitely check out the rest of this photo series from photographer Szilvia Molnar. (via Jezebel)

  • Bob Hastings, the voice of Commissioner Gordon, has passed away at the age of 89. Watch a great Batman: The Animated Series clip and have yourself a good cry. (via Comics Alliance)
  • No, excluding women from e-Sports does not legitimize e-Sports. I’ll say it again: stop. (via The Escapist)
  • The Internet likes Sherlock better than Doctor Who so just bring back Sherlock already, OK? (via RadioTimes)

Sir Patrick Stewart and Yoda are buddies! Time to mend those fences on both sides of the Star Wars versus Star Trek argument. They’re both great! Yoda pulling the “kids in an overcoat” trick to look taller than Stewart is surprisingly vain of him, though. (via Patrick Stewart on Twitter)

  • Lindsay Lohan sues Rockstar over her likeness in GTA V, because she sees a caricature of an obnoxiously awful celebrity and thinks, “Hey, that’s me!” (via
  • Portal turret chorus sings the Game of Thrones theme. Shhh, don’t question it. Just enjoy. (via Game Informer)

Cats. Cats did this. I’ve known cats to open doors, but knocking the handle off to trap a human inside is a step further. Take a look at the rest of Claire Berlinski’s livetweeting of the saga of being trapped by her own cats on the Daily Dot.

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