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Terry Pratchett’s Unfinished Stories Meet Their End Underneath a Steamroller

Rob Wilkins, who managed Pratchett's estate, posted photos of Terry Pratchett's old hard drive full of unfinished stories being smashed by a steamroller.

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Your Fall TV and Movie Seasons Are Safe: Hollywood Narrowly Avoids a Writers Strike

Even in the face of an actual 3.0 earthquake, the negotiations between Writers Guild of America and The Alliance Of Motion Picture And Television Producers went on until the very last second.

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The Writers Guild of America May Strike

After two months of negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP), the Writers Guild of America (WGA) has asked its 12,000 members for strike authorization.

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New Pokemon Movie Nabs Guardians of the Galaxy and Gravity Falls Writers

Divert your attention from Pokémon Go for a moment because there’s a new Pokémon movie coming out and it’s going to be awesome.

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Male Writers Read the Terrible Internet Comments on Their Female Colleagues’ Articles

Today, for International Women's Day, Elite Daily put their male writers in a bit of a hot seat and had them read some of the vitriolic comments that were left for some of their female colleagues.

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HBOAccess Announces Winners of Its Inaugural Writers Fellowship

CONGRATS! Now, get out there and change the television landscape!

HBO has finally announced the recipients of their inaugural HBO Access Diversity Writers Fellowship, and while there seemed to be a bit of a clusterfudge with the application process, these talented writers broke through and ended up earning the coveted slots from a pool of 2,000 applicants!

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NBCUniversal Encourages Women, People of Diverse Backgrounds to Apply for Late Night Writers Workshop

Kabletown: where Kreativity Kounts.

The application period is now open for the second-annual NBCUniversal Late Night Writers Workshop, a multi-day intensive designed to cultivate new voices in the traditionally white, male late night writers’ room.

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I Do Declare! 86-Year-Old Great-Grandmother Has Written Her First Romance Novel.

I've fallen (for you) and I can't get up!

You can take your Christian Grey and shove him: No Goodbye is the new socially acceptable erotic plane-read.

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Things We Saw Today: Photographer Makes Self-Serious Male Authors and Their Cigarettes Look Silly

Dial it back a bit, boys.

Stop trying to make cigarettes look cool. Stop trying to make yourself look cool with cigarettes. It is not working. And if it is working, congratulations, you're convincing people to take up an unhealthy addiction. Also, stop taking yourself so seriously. I guess if I have one message here, it's "Stop." But definitely check out the rest of this photo series from photographer Szilvia Molnar. (via Jezebel)

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Outraged Fans Threaten the Life of Amazing Spider-Man Writer Dan Slott on Twitter

We've all had that feeling of nerd rage at some point in our lives, though the exact extent of this ire varies from person to person. The common denominator among these moments of displeasure is that they've always been triggered by things such as changes to a particular continuity's status quo or a company's mishandling of a beloved intellectual property. While we're entitled to our opinions, there is such a thing as going too far in expressing them. Such was the case when irate fans took to Twitter and began threatening Amazing Spider-Man writer Dan Slott over the series' final storyline in issue #700. At this point, however, calling this nerd rage is a large understatement.

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