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Things We Saw Today: Brave’s Princess vs. Classic Disney Princesses

Things We Saw Today


One of Amy Mebberson’s Pocket Princesses series. We like this because we adore quirky princesses and illustrations of quirky princess. (via Carnival of the Random) What on else did we see today? 

  • Speaking of which…NEW BRAVE TRAILER!
  • Netflix no longer has a contract with Starz for instant streaming after today. Here’s a list of some of the films you’ll be watching tonight before they’re gone.
  • Another Prometheus/Alien connection revealed even though Ridley Scott is all, “This movie totally has nothing to do with Alien!!” What he actually said was the Prometheus is owned by Peter Weyland, the guy from Weyland-Yutani that sent the Nostromo ship in Alien. (via Blastr)
  • Harry Potter ebooks are coming to schools and libraries soon! (via Yahoo)

Uggie from this year’s Best Picture winner at the Academy Awards, The Artist, did not go home with an Oscar himself, but this happened. And it’s so much better. (via /Film)

  • The new Avengers movie poster in the UK names the movie Avengers Assemble instead. Hmm. (via Empire)
  • Simon Spurrier did a little panel hijacking at the first London Super ComicCon in order to show the disparity of women on said panels. There was an assist by Paul Cornell (who we love more with each passing day). A great read on Spurrier’s blog.
  • Another UK, comics based bit of news. The Kapow Comic Convention is once again hosting the Stan Lee Awards. The nominees have been announced and are open for votes! I’m also slightly biased as I was one of the judges this year.
  • Apple has launched a comic book section of their iBookstore. Not all the publishers are represented but there’s tons of graphic novels to choose from. (via The Beat)

Here’s a TARDIS made up of lines of dialogue from Doctor Who! By Scott Smith, prints available on Etsy. (via Blastr)

  • So, remember when everyone joked about how awesome it would be for Benedict Cumberbatch to play the Master on Doctor Who? Well, for the 50th anniversary of the show coming up next year, Steven Moffat says he wants the Master to be played by…Benedict Cumberbatch. (via Blastr)
  • A fight scene between Cumberbatch and Zachary Quinto has leaked from the Star Trek 2 set! (via Nerd Bastards)
  • Blastr recently held a poll to find out which Star Trek captain was the best. After 50,000 + votes, the results are in and the winner is….Jean Luc Picard. That’s correct, Number 1. (Captain Janeway won for most courageous.)

Campus Progress has posted this delightful cartoon rendering of a Girl Scouts pamphlet featuring new feminist badges. They’ve been busy! Drawn by Matt Bors. (via Tara Dublin)

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